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  • The History of Ghost Hunting

    The History of Ghost Hunting

    Part I – 19th-Century Spiritualism The phenomenon we call ghost hunting today – the stuff we see on TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Kindred Spirits, and the stuff local paranormal investigation teas do – can be traced back to a social and spiritual movement that began in the 1800s called Spiritualism A haunted house…

  • Where did the idea of a residual haunting come from?

    Where did the idea of a residual haunting come from?

    Who dsicovered residual hauntings? If you are a paranormal investigator, watch a lot of ghost hunting TV, or partake of other ghost hunting media, then you have probably heard of a residual haunting. As I explain in my post defining “ghost,” a residual haunting is said to be caused by the imprint of a person’s…

  • Are people who believe in the paranormal crazy?

    Are people who believe in the paranormal crazy?

    If you were to meet a random person who believes in the paranormal on the street, chances are they would not be “crazy” or “out of their mind.” The fact is, the majority of the US population believes in at least one paranormal topic, whether that be cryptids like Bigfoot or Mothman, ghosts and hauntings,…

  • Signs of a Demonic Haunting

    Signs of a Demonic Haunting

    According to paranormal investigators, the vast majority of hauntings are related to human ghosts. In rare cases, however, a haunting can be demonic.

  • Do Ghosts Exist?

    Do Ghosts Exist?

    It may be frustrating to read that, when it comes to the existence of ghosts, I am agnostic. I do not know whether ghosts exist. I am not ready to rule out the possible existence of ghosts, neither am I ready to affirm it.

  • What is a Ghost?

    What is a Ghost?

    It is widely believed that hauntings are caused by ghosts. But what is a ghost? For America’s ghost hunters, this question does not have as straightforward an answer as some might suppose. Let’s explore some of the more widespread definitions of “ghost” among paranormal investigators.