Haunted Nation: investigating the paranormal and American spirituality.

Daniel Wise (Ph.D., American Religion) explores ghost belief, encounters with spirits, demonic activity, metaphysical religion, Halloween fandom, and enchantment in American culture. Haunted Nation was founded in 2022 to offer thoughtful resources on these topics and more.

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Signs of a Demonic Haunting

According to paranormal investigators, the vast majority of hauntings are related to human ghosts. In rare cases, however, a haunting can be demonic.

Do Ghosts Exist?

It may be frustrating to read that, when it comes to the existence of ghosts, I am agnostic. I do not know whether ghosts exist. I am not ready to rule out the possible existence of ghosts, neither am I ready to affirm it.

Why is Hocus Pocus so popular?

Why is Hocus Pocus so popular? The 1993 film starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker as evil witches from the seventeenth century resurrected in Salem, Mass. on Halloween night is a cult classic.

What is a Ghost?

It is widely believed that hauntings are caused by ghosts. But what is a ghost?

For America’s ghost hunters, this question does not have as straightforward an answer as some might suppose. Let’s explore some of the more widespread definitions of “ghost” among paranormal investigators.

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